Face Reading for Business Masterclass (60mins)

Profiling Tool - Stand Out from Your Competitors

"Melanie is simply amazing at what she does. The amount of knowledge and information she is able to provide {with Face Reading} blew me away. I had no idea one is able to know all this by looking at someones face.

I can highly recommend her. One hour and you understand yourself so much more. Its crazy and you walk away knowing what work needs to be done! Fascinating. Plus Melanie is just able to break it down and connect the dots."

- Ladina Pottera, Switzerland

In this free Face Reading for Business Masterclass, Melanie will explain her favourite Psychosomatic Therapy tool to use with clients - Face Reading. She will take you step by step through each feature of your face and explain what it says about your personal traits, behaviours and how they are connected to your Chakra System.

Tap into what your face says about your natural zone of genius, and learn how to stand out from your business competitors.

⏰ Duration: Approx. 45mins video time
πŸ“– Resource: Downloadable DIY Face Reading Analysis PDF
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Q&A Forum: Discussion direct access to Melanie

πŸ”‘ Key Outcomes:
πŸ’ Introduction to Psychosomatics
πŸ’ Boost Your Confidence (Solar Plexus Chakra Activation)
πŸ’ Know specifically what skillset to focus on to set yourself apart from your competition

Your Instructor

Melanie Midegs
Melanie Midegs

Melanie Midegs has seven years experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist, Face Reader and online Entrepreneur. She is an expert at reading your body and knowing how to use it to enhance what you are naturally good at, and move through what's holding you back.

Melanie has been living in Bali, Indonesia where she founded and created The Business Charka SystemΒ© in 2014 and officially opened The Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry in 2018Β©. Over the years she has continued to develop this body of work, building a solid bridge between Eastern Philosophy and Wester Business Practices.

A favourite saying of Melanie's is "Slow down to speed up..."

Without knowing what else to do - you may keep pushing your ideas in the wrong direction and down paths of burnout, high anxiety and dis-ease. The Institute of Entrepreneur Artistry will support you to create your own unique blue-print for success.

This is about doing business a different way. A more authentic way. A way that creates inspiration and ease, rather than stress and resentment.

To find your flow, you need to truly know yourself and be willing to look at every aspect of yourself.

Melanie has taught her workshops to audiences in South Africa, Australia, Bali, Fiji and Singapore, and online she has worked with women from all around the globe. She has worked with those just starting out, to top level executives and business owners, and they all have one thing in common...

... they can never believe how connected their body is, to how things are playing out in their life and business.

Melanie is here to teach you how to use your body as a compass and work with your natural gifts, creativity, and those crazy ideas of yours to make them work.

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